Our Culture

Our entire staff is comprised of artists, dancers, models, yoga coaches, and designers trained in architectural development.  Thus, during your apprenticeship, you will be expected to understand the mind, body, and our cultural philosophy that shapes our company.  The more you study our dancing, yoga, and spiritual philosophy – the stronger asset you will be on our team and the global movement in urban agriculture and sustainable communities.

If you desire to become an apprentice, we ask that you sign up with TheMOV, a Masters of Fine Arts Academy.  Coursework here uses a unique approach to fine arts that blends sacred geometry with tribal alignment.  Your coursework in our Architectural classroom will give you assignments that lead you through working with our team at Tao Studio.

Open Source Community

We work with people all over the world and give access to our projects to the open community.  We embrace open-source technology, open-source projects, and open-source training.  Instead of interviewing for potential positions, we instead choose to give open access to a few of our projects and see how others participate.

Below, you’ll find a handful of projects and you are welcome to step on board with these without asking us for permission.  We appreciate when others let their work speak for themselves.

As you collaborate with us in a virtual setting, we may reach out and discuss mentorship or give career guidance.  Those who cultivate the most within our apprenticeship program without asking many questions or requiring motivation will be given the most resources and opportunities.


  • Marietta Arts District

    Airikai Fine Arts Academy
  • Orchard Dreams

  • Social Magazine

Video Game Dev

The Sacreds blends architectural design, urban agriculture, and zen philosophy in a futuristic 3D Video Game.  You are invited to join this project by submitting work to our Google+ Group.


Zen Design

Simplicity & elegance go hand in hand in our designs.  We have a love of natural light and add large windows, skylights, and open spaces with few columns to ensure guests will have a great experience.  We tend to use many earth tones, fountains, and other sensual designs to make rooms and lofts feel like spa experiences.




We also specialize in Augmented Reality to help communities visualize what the future could look like, today. We design state-of-the art cancer healing centers, video games, and conduct vibrational research; we test the boundaries of cultural acceptance and human intelligence.  We open the minds of citizens and attract new business that coexists with urban agriculture and safe family-oriented environments

Fun events that engage community involvement trickle funds & energy back into larger civilization development.  We design recreational Impact Events to harness the entire community’s energy.