A career with Tao Studio is a lifelong commitment to social architecture that flows with sustainability.  We bring cultural diversity to urban development.  A zen and futuristic approach to social architecture.  Our designs are wholesome, natural, and embrace technology and agriculture equally through sacred geometry.

We are passionate about giving civilizations new experiences that captivate their mind in sustainable ways.  Educating city planners, communities, and business owners is at the foundation of our platform for social architecture.


Where there is water, there is life.  Here at TaoStudio, we work with city planners with our central focus on water.  Aqua-centric civilizations, communities, and retreats are our specialty.

Our entire staff is comprised of surfers, yoga coaches, and designers trained in architectural development.    We use gravity fed aqua systems to create entire cities that are sustainable and lush with vegetation.


We also specialize in Augmented Reality to help communities visualize what the future could look like, today. We design state-of-the art cancer healing centers, video games, and conduct vibrational research; we test the boundaries of cultural acceptance and human intelligence.  We open the minds of citizens and attract new business that coexists with urban agriculture and safe family-oriented environments

Fun events that engage community involvement trickle funds & energy back into larger civilization development.  We design recreational Impact Events to harness the entire community’s energy.


Zen Design

Simplicity & elegance go hand in hand in our designs.  We have a love of natural light and add large windows, skylights, and open spaces with few columns to ensure guests will have a great experience.  We tend to use many earth tones, fountains, and other sensual designs to make rooms and lofts feel like spa experiences.