Lofts of Tomorrow

Lofts of Tomorrow
April 28, 2015 MaTao
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Why is it that in some spaces we feel cramped and closed, whereas others make us feel open? How does the design of a space affect the ambiance, and ultimately how we feel in our homes? At Tao Studio, we design Lofts of Tomorrow: art lofts that are spacious and inspire creativity. Feng shui is built into all our designs whether we’re designing houses, offices, or entire cities. The art of zen permeates all we create.
As humanity moved into setting up cities, some becoming meccas, we lost sight of wholeness, and began segregating different parts of the whole. Agriculture and food are often in the outskirts of cities, and our streets are lined with sometimes aesthetic, though often inedible greenery. At Tao Studio, we bring urban agriculture into lofts. Whether we are working with a small bedroom or a 2000 square-foot loft, urban agriculture can be implemented through vertical gardens. These vertical gardens are edible greenery, bringing the urban native back into harmony with nature.
We begin by assessing the root, or foundation, of the space, and bringing the energy to connect with the pulse of the earth. We then consider the senses, designing the space so that the senses can be awakened and pleasured. Our team designs your work space to to be both functional and aesthetic so that you experience heightened levels of productivity. These lofts are your home, your sanctuary, and your heart. They are spaces you give and receive love in.
Whether your space is a tiny home or a 1000 acre wood, our team at Tao Studios are happy to work with you to integrate our philosophies into your space to create your space into a loft of tomorrow. Together, we’ll bring the future into the present reality.

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