Marietta Arts District

Marietta Art District is a city-wide project that was inspired by the reopening of the People’s Bank Theatre. With this next installment, we’re creating the Airikai Fine Arts Academy by expanding into over 10,000 square feet of space devoted to fine arts. These buildings house a live/work environment for our Academy, where students earn their Masters in Fine Business Arts while immersing in real-life work experiences. Partnered with local farmers and businesses, our intentional community is self-sustained with a full running bistro, bed & breakfast, and career training program.

Crowdsourcing Success

To inspire the public for collaboration, we utilize a crowdsourced business model that invites all members of society to invest in the Art District. Our social architecture revolves around the vision that there is an artist within all of us. The Marietta Arts District will incentivize individuals with access to booths to display their art, adult education classes, and be ran by a board of city members who have successfully brought Art & Entertainment around the nation for the past 20 years.

Investors are able to purchase gallery space within the Art District with confidence our board will fill the space with the work of our up & coming artists. These investors will receive royalty on the profits of all art projects made within their purchased space. This creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for businessmen to collaborate with the art community. More details to come.

Airikai Fine Arts Academy

Over 10,000 square foot of space with an Academic community facilitating its existence. Each floor is open to the public for various business services while managers of each business are given apprentices who attend our Fine Arts Academy. These apprentices train with our faculty to facilitate the operation of small shops that cater to their own needs and to the community at large.

Our shower facility doubles as a spa, our cafeteria doubles as a Bistro, and our residency doubles as a B&B open to the public. Both of our ballrooms host classes for our students, yet also serve as venues for weddings, events, and film studios to increase the Arts & Entertainment in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

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Art Lofts

The upper floors are live/work spaces with an open concept to inspire artists to create masterpieces in their own bedrooms. Murphy Beds with Computer Desks allow low square footage to be used dynamically and allow artists to explore the depths of their imagination.

Bistro, Boutique & Dance Space

Our main floor houses an organic Bistro and large open floor space. The walls are lined with vertical gardens and our custom line of products. The hardwood floors are mutli-functional and used for dance, yoga, and workshops.

Spa Lounge

The lounge below has salt rock walls and uses the damp atmosphere for a cool and meditative spa experience. Low-cost architecture utilizing existing structural design creates an amazing atmosphere with massage tables, baths, and treatment rooms ideal underground.

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