Creative Director

I am a lifestyle designer that wears many hats: I am a Registered Yoga Teacher that teaches movement/meditation, and offers mindfulness coaching, in studio, private, and corporate settings.  I am a master of space & design where I give love to light and energy that passes through a community & buildings.  Here at Tao Studio, I connect with many people and bring a social element to our team.  I help others dream of their vision in reality through paint, illustrations, and 3D designs.  I also travel internationally to discuss Urban Development and I’m very passionate about re-wilding cities by bringing agriculture to urban spaces.

Prior to all of this, I attended law school at Queen’s University for two years, with the intentions of pursuing social justice. Although I chose not to complete my law degree, I valued the education, and developed professional and interpersonal skills. Law school has made me adaptable, resilient, and able to respond to spontaneous demands and short time deadlines.  Now, I spend my time working with CEOs, mayors, and city planners to create communities on vast scales where I bring alignment, light, and love to all that I touch.