Matt is an architectural designer who has traveled the world and cultivated urban agriculture in sustainable communities.  He has built villages and cultural design in remote areas such as the rainforest of Costa Rica and townships of Ohio & West Virginia.  Matt has worked many years as a futurist in California and has been at the forefront of wellness by training today’s top life coaches and California beach towns.

He leads social movements and holds space for dreams to come into fruition.  At the forefront of the Tao Studio team, Matt motivates, inspires, and creates with a sense of community and tribal immersion.  Matt is a professional ballroom dancer, yoga coach, author, and philanthropist.  He blends all his passions into the social architecture found at Tao Studio.  Matt grew up in the forest of West Virginia right against the Ohio River ten miles away from the closest grocery store or gas station where his family has over 100 years of community development.  He has enjoyed leading community involvement since he was a child as sports captain, class president, and then on to CEO of a Production & Publishing company in California for over 10 years.

Now, he blends his passion for business with his love for family and serenity as he helps towns reconnect with their roots and bring a pulse to areas they have forgotten.  When not doing architectural design, Matt can be found helping those less fortunate find ways to achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship and apprenticeship.